Independent Expert Diamond & Jewelry Appraisal
Independent Expert Diamond & Jewelry Appraisal
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If you find yourself in a Diamond Jewelry buying predictiment whether on a cruise, vacation, or just in a jewelry store thinking about making a purchase and you feel unsure.                   Before Making a mistake.                                                                 Call Us !!!

(24 hours) (508) 558-0277


Not everyone enjoys buying jewelry.

Buying a diamond or piece of jewelry can be very time consumming and stressfull for many of us.

For this reason we offer our Professional Diamond and Jewelry Buying Services.

We can accompany you on your next purchasing engagement. Please Call Us for Details.

Contact: Arthur DeMello 508 558-0277




We can examine diamonds and jewelry for you before you make your decision and bring it home.

Call Us.


Thank You for Considering my services as your Personal Diamond & Jewelry Buyer.

Please feel free to call me with questions concerning this service.

- Arthur DeMello GG (GIA)