Independent Expert Diamond & Jewelry Appraisal
Independent Expert Diamond & Jewelry Appraisal While You Wait.
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Good Customer Service was always important to me on the receiving end whether I hired a Lawyer, I bought a new car or a new pair of shoes. From a young age I always appreciated the work of a Professional Person and Good Customer Service and Trust to Follow. I've always strived to put the customer first and my needs secondary. Whether it be working late hours to finish a rather large appraisal job or going out of my way to deliver something before our normal deadline. Going that little extra for my clients has become a norm with me. I've always welcomed input from customers as for it's our cutomers or clients needs who have built this company, who pay our bills, keeping us employed as well as our phone ringing on a constant basis. To Our Customers We Say Thank You.
We further vow to provide the Best Independent Appraisal Service of Diamonds and Jewelry Possibal Utilizing the Finest Equipment Avaliable as well as Accepted Professional Practices of Gemology and High Quality Ethics.


We Travel with a full Gem Laboratory of Jewelry Appraisal Equipment to service you with fast accurate results.
New Covid-19 No Contact Drive Up Service Available in Most Locations 


We Appraise Jewelry at your home or office.
New Covid-19 No Contact Drive Up Service Available in Most Areas: 

Please Call to schedule an appointment in your area.  

Boston Area: 617 742-1630  -  Massachusetts & Greater New England :  508 558-0277  -  New York & New Jersey:  212 974-2608 or email us at
Thank You,
Arthur DeMello GG (GIA), ASG (AGA), J-Bar (JVC), USPAP 2020-2021

Costs and Fees: With every independent jewelry appraisal we quote the lowest possibal fees ranging from 25 dollars and up for verbal consultation and 50 dollars and up for written reports depending on the time necessary to do the job well without comprimising the highest quality reporting our company can provide. Our fees are based on an hourly rate of the amount of time it takes to complete to the nearest 15 minute increment including office paperwork. Never a percentage of value which is deemed unethical in the business of appraisal. We provide group multi-piece rates.
We are available throughout the greater New England - New York - New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Please call us for our next available appointment to serve you.                                                                                                                                     
Art DeMello GG (GIA), ASG (AGA), J-Bar (JVC), USPAP 2020-2021


See Our Client Ratings at: Contact Us.ademello59@yahoo.comThank You. We will contact you immediately or as soon as possible.