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Independent Expert Diamond & Jewelry Appraisal
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Arthur DeMello GG (GIA), J-Bar (JVC), USPAP
Graduate Gemologist (GIA)
Independent Certified Diamond & Jewelry Appraiser Specializing in Jewelry and Diamond Appraisals for Legal Expert Witness Testimony, Matrimonial Settlements, Prenuptial Agreements, Probate, Civil & Criminal Deposition and Trial Testimony.  Buyers of Estate Jewelry, Diamonds and Watches from Individuals, Attorneys and Accountants. 

Expert Witness Testimony: Diamond Switching Cases, Jeweler Misrepresentation, Unfair Divorce Settlements, Diamond Fraud, Diamond & Gem Clarity Enhancement Disclosure, Diamond & Gem Color Enhancement Disclosure, Diamond Laser Treatment Disclosure, Fraudulant GIA., AGS., EGL. & IGI. Lab Certificates, Mismatched Store Distributed & Internet Purchase Certificates, Unfair Jewelry Trade Practices, Federal Trade Commission Regulations, Homeowners Insurance, Wills, Underpaid Insurance Settlements, Diamond Damage, IRS Jewelry Donation Audits IRS Form 8283, Appraisal Practice Methodology, Inaccurate Over and Understated Gemological Certificate Reports & Appraisals, Accepted Gemological Practice and Procedure Error & Omissions, Expert Witness both Deposition & Trial Testimony.



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  Our Boston Location:

A.DeMello Gemological Laboratory & Diamond Appraisal Services                             
60 State Street Suite 700, Boston, MA. 02109 (617) 742-1630                                              

Jewelry and Diamond Appraisals are done While You Wait. No need to leave your jewelry or send it out.
Multipiece Discounts, Senior Discounts and Reasonable Prices.
Portable Gem Laboratory For Fast And Accurate Grading includes: Binocular Microscope. Refractometer, Polariscope, Dicroscope, Spectroscope, Digital Scales, Sarin Gran Colorimeter, Sarin Brilliant Eye, Sarin DiaMension, Leveridge Gauge, Heat and Electric Conductivity, Tri Metals Analyzer, Balanced White, Sodium and Ultra-Violet Light Sources and Laptop Computer in One Compact Setup.

Office Locations Providing Independent Diamond and Jewelry Appraisal in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York and New Jersey. The very best customer service with 30 years in business.

Excellent references and referrals. 

A. DeMello Gemological Laboratory & Diamond Appraisal Services

Boston - Burlington - Cambridge - Newton - Wellesley - Andover - Dedham  

Also:  Charlestown - Framingham - Quincy - New Bedford - North Dartmouth - Hingham - Providence - Newport

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York and New Jersey.

See the LOCATIONS Menu for a complete list. 

Please Call to schedule an appointment in your area.  

Boston Area: 617 742-1630  -  Massachusetts & Greater New England :  508 558-0277  -  New York:  212 974-2608 

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  • Arthur DeMello GG.(GIA) Graduate Gemologist (GIA)1986 Gemological Institute of America, New York, NY.

  • Arthur DeMello Attended and Studied at the 1986 American Gem Society Conclave Boston, MA. Studies with Eric Freedman AGS President,Robert Crowningshield, Martin Rappaport Rappaport Diamond Report, Eugene Munn Concord Watch Co.
  • Arthur DeMello BA.ed. Berklee College, Boston, MA. Undergraduate Studies: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, MA. & Harvard University Mineralogical Museum Cambridge, MA.
  • Arthur DeMello Gem Instrument Design for GIA-GEM Instruments Santa Monica,CA.under Richard Agnew.
  • Arthur DeMello is a Member of The Massachusetts Bar Association, State Expert Witness Gemologist and Independent Diamond Jewelry Appraiser. Boston, Mass.
  • Arthur DeMello is a Member of The GIA Alumni Association Carlsbad, CA.
  • Arthur DeMello Provides Independent Jewelry Appraisal Service to Many Celebraties including Daytime TV Acting Professionals, Many Musical Celebraties including Singers, Songwriters, Composers and Producers,Sports Professionals Including Members of The Boston Red Sox, The New England Patriots, The Patriots Cheerleaders and The Atlanta Braves including: World Series Rings, Super Bowl Rings Players Family Personal Jewelry.
  • Arthur DeMello Independent Jewelry and Diamond Buyer & Jewelry Appraisal is Recommended by AIG Insurance Co. New York, NY. Servicing Most Insurance Companies, Many Police Departments including, Boston Police, Manchester, NH/ PD. NYPD - Nassau, NY. & Suffolk, NY. Counties
  • Arthur DeMello has provided Expert Witness Testimony & Consultant Service to the FBI New York, NY. Jewelry & Diamond Appraisal & Jewelry and Diamond Buyer / Consultant Services to The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue, IRS, State Consumer Protection Offices Protecting Consumers Transactions Stateside and Abroad including Cruise Ship Purchases.
  • Arthur DeMello has Provided Independent Jewelry & Diamond Appraisal & Jewelry and Diamond Buyer Services to Bank of America, Former Independent Jewelry & Diamond Appraisal  & Jewelry and Diamond Buyer Services to Bank of Boston, BayBank and Independent Diamond and Jewelry Appraisal and Jewelry Buying Services to Gem Investment Banks - New York City, Insurance, Adjustment Companies & Law Offices in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Arthur DeMello was Featured in as an expert witness on: Judge Maria Lopez TV Court Room & Judge Hatchett as featured on CBS network television and Sony Pictures Television, also the "Missing Rubies" segment on WLNE-6 WSBK-TV38, The Boston Herald & The Cape Cod Times. Featured Speaker at New England GIA Alumni Chapter Meetings. Author of "Gemology in the Classroom" for Elementary and Secondary School Gemology Education: Appearances at Quinn Elementary & New Bedford Voc Tech High School  Other Featured Stories with The Boston Globe.

Join us for a consultation on the unique characteristics of your diamond including: estimated carat weight, color, clarity, proportions, symmetry, light behavior and evaluation.




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